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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 24, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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komo's denise whitaker reports on the suspects and their families. >> they are looking for weaeans and the i told them, we don't have weapon. they search, they don't have any weapon in think house. >> reporter: she says he always told her how much he loved her >> he work hard to take care of me. i don't have to pay rent. i don't have to pay food. i don't have to pay clothes. he's clothing me, feeding me, housing me. >> reporter: binta tells us she did not drive but he owned two vehicles, both still parked outside the apartment. a car and also a truck which advertises the company he owns. a janitorial service called fresh and clean. the terror suspect legally changed his name four years ago from joseph davis to be a due khalid abdul latif. his former name of davis is more familiar to law enforcement here. he has both felony and misdemeanor convictions, including robbery, assault, obstructingofficers, theft, and driving with a suspended
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license. neighbors who live in the same building tell me they didn't know any part of his history. did you ever think anything unusual of this family? you hear them arguing. but that's normal. >> reporter: she asked i keep her face off-camera. >> he seems like he was a working guy. like he'll come and he'll go. his wife is really nice. >> that was denise whitaker of komo. this is the eighth time in the past two years there have been planned attacks or carried-out attacks on domestic u.s. facilities. a 20-year-old man from louisiana is expected to make a full recovery following a vicious shark attack along the florida gulf coast. tyler mcconnell was thrown off a jet ski not far from shore. he f ft something chewing up his right leg. he got back on the jet ski and raced for the beach. >> if i wouldn't have gone back to the jet ski, if it came back, it would have pulled me right under and i wououn't be able to go anywhere. whenever i looked down there was like gallons of blood.
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>> mcconnell says the wound feels numb but he can still move his toes. he will need surgery in houston over the next few months and then he'll need extensive rehab. he wore scrubs and doled out medical advice but it all turned out to be a big lie. an oregon man is accused of pretending to be a doctor and he managed to dupe at least one patient. bob high reports from portland. >> i'm shocked, really. >> reporter: eric kidbine can't believe the man he grew up with, 21-year-old lucas ebert, would ever get wrapped up in posing as a doctor. no one was home at the portland house where ebert lived with his mother, until recently. a house eric says was anything but quiet. authorities say ebert first met with a female patient from ohsu here at the nearby va medical center. in an arrest affidavit, investigators say ebert instructed her to stop her medication, ibuprofen and anti-anxiety drugs which led to panic attacks and debilitating pain. ebert's facebook page claims he studied electrical engineering,
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law, and medicine at osu, psychology and business at the university of great falls, and went to grad school at uc san francisco for a doctorate in plastic surgery plus political science and law. on top of all that the page claims ebert was working for microsoft. when ebert failed to show for a meeting at ohsu last week the woman asked where her doctor was. ohsu started an investigation. have you ever had a case like this here? >> i have not come across a case like this. this is fairly unique. >> you had to be stunned. >> very. >> reporter: police say ebert wore hospital scrubs to his meetings with the woman and something else anyone can buy at ohsu's gift shop. ebert was apparently also wearing a vest something like this during his encounters with the woman. once ohsu found out what was happening, they issued a warning and issue e ed this flyer to st. all the while ebert was living at downtown portland's hilton hotel. he passed $2,281.39 in invalid
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checks to pay for hotel services. when asked how he got away with it, the affidavit says ebert told police, "i expletive them for two weeks." >> that was bob high reporting from portland. of course, you wonder if this is happen anything-where else. it seemed a little too easy to do this. >> one of the things mentioned is that you can get those scrubs, medical scrubs, pretty much anywhere. >> onlinin i'm sure you can fin them. >> that's sort of like the uniform that you need and people think you're a doctor. that's all you need. the disastrous power of the flooding missouri river is on full display this morning in north dakota. the force of the river eroded its banks and that was just too much for some riverside homes north of bismarck. one house collapsed after it was surrounded by rushing floodwaters. the family that lives there luckily had already evacuated. but still, so many families are away.watching their homes wash and this is in so many different states, so many cities, a remarkable winter, a very tough spring, and now this. >> some places it hasn't even reached the worst point yet.
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it could be cresting in some places later. here is your friday forecast. more wet weather in parts of the dakotas. heavy rain and flash flooding from raleigh to new york. also stormy around memphis, kansas city, omaha, and cheyenne. showers and thunderstorms from portland to spokane. scattered showers along the gulf coast. >> and we're looking at 89 degrees in new orleans. 88 in baltimore. 78 here in new york. mostly 80s from the twin cities to kansas city. and phoenix climbs up to 109 degrees. sacramento 84. colorado springs 95. in egypt they're calling it one of the most important archeological projects ever. it's all about a 4,500-year-old boat. >> that's right. the remains of it were found next to the great pyramids. to get at those remains they started using a big pulley system yesterday in order to move stone slabs that weigh up to 16 tons. >> and over the next two months scientists hope to recover about 600 pieces of that boat. their restoration efforts are expected to take about four years. obviously a very meticulous
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process that these folks do. then they'll be putting this ancient piece of boating history on display. they take such care. >> i think this is so fascinating when you hear about things especially that come by the great pyramids. just incredible. >> amazing there are still undiscovered treasures. >> and treasure hunters that are always looking for them, that's right. we'll be right back with more "world news now" after this.
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we'll frytoexplain why we're playing "green acres." >> back to our discussion about
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music on "world news now." >> there is a broken for it. >> it's no surprise for anybody watches thth times are tough. it's so bad some local governments across the country are completely slashing budgets. >> on the chopping block are teachers, cops, even firefighters. in these tough times why are your tax dollars going to rich people for farms they don't even have jonathan karl reports. >> reporter: it doesn't look like farm country. but 290 people in new york city received federal farm subsidies last year. one of them, mark rockefeller, heir to one of the most celebrated fortunes in american history. mr. rockefeller, who lives in manhattan, received nearly $330,000 in taxpayer farm money over the past 10 years. apparently for the property he owns on the snake river in idaho. it includes an upscale fishing lodge. they get 500 bucks a day just for fly fishing. get this, the $330,000 he's received frorothe government is lled a conservation payment. that means he's paid not to farm
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his land. there are city slickers like rockefeller all over the country on the farm subsidy dole. in chicago last year, 734 farmers got $2.2 million in federal subsidies. in miami, 203 people received a total of $2.5 million in farm subsidies. in san francisco, 179 farmers got $1.1 million. the list goes on. >> unfortunately, folks that live in cities like manhattan or san francisco that are absentee landlords and are very wealthy are taking our tax dollars and using them to help pad their bottom line. >> reporter: we tried s seral times to get ahold of mark rockefeller. >> i'm calling about the money that mr. rockefeller receives. isn't it time for this to end? >> it is time for it to end. the more you find out about this governrnnt the more absurd it is. >> reporter: absurd or not the city slickers are still getting their payments. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> in case you're wondering this has come up for discussion
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wiwiin the house. the bipartisan house appropriations committee voted to cut some of these farm subsidies. a couple of weeks later it was overturned by house gop members. this would have cut $167 million in direct payments to these farmers, including some of the nation's wealthiest -- like us. >> i've got to pay for those brooches somehow, and those apr aprons, and a new pitch fork for you, mister. when we return it is national take your dog to work day. let's get down to real business. >> exactly. we wanted to bring our d ds but a little bureaucratic red tape got to the way. we're celebrating anyway. that's coming up next. my second diagnosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there e words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. i wanted to do something bigger than myself.
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that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i cacaactually do something to help. i think it's a very bold thing to do. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. i'm sure if it was 100 miles, we'd still walk it. it was a big statement for me of... (voicereaks) i'm alive. we can do this. we can do this. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... daughtht... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. this is more than just three days. this is a lifetime. (man) register today for the... becauoe everyone deserves a lifetime. when we had our meeting this morning it was a no brainer what our favorite story of the day was. boom, right there. or there. >> or not.
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>> it's friday. >> we're over it. >> yeah, we're over it. we'd like to wish everybody out there a very happy national take your dog to work day. we encourage bosses everywhere to allow your employees to bring their pets, gerbils, hamsters -- >> not so much dogs. >> or dogs. >> you've got to clean up after them. we'd have loved to have dogs with us but there was corporate red tape to cut through. we have a quiz for our viewers this morning. this quiz has been upp on the wnnfans page on facebook. going crazy, trying to match the faces of some of the folks here at "world news now" with their respective dog, or cat in one case we should say. there's murrow the cat. >> we wanted to throw people off the trail. >> this is our dog and pony show. now we're going to reveal the answers. >> which is the big moment, really. okay, so let's go ahead. we're going to let you know who owns what dog. here's my dog. >> what do you want to say about barkley? >> has a twin brother willis.
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enjoys red peppers, carrots. he's a west highland terrier. >> i'm up next. no, there's jace. >> his new puppy bella. >> just got him in the last week or so. english bulldog pup. enjoys cuddling, digging in flowers. >> making forts in the bushes. up next we are going to take a look at, ta-da, chloe, i believe. no, todo. todo is a lovely dog, not to be confused with toto of wizard of oz by the way. enjoys his giant backyard in southern california. apparently that is where he lives. >> that is peter stodd. >> scott with the cat. >> the sneaker cat murrow. >> there's murrow. murrow is an all-white cat. he does know his name. he does respond just like a dog would. hates dogs, though. >> he also loves shoulder rides, murrow. >> got to watch out for those claws. let's move on to the next matchup here. >> that is going to be --
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>> the next matchup is going to be -- here we come -- >> you see that we have a bella 2. there was a cooper. >> yes. >> we also have paco, which is claudia us a dog. paco is a cute little pug. then chloe, an adorable dog. >> a lot of people matched me with chloe on facebook. but that's wrong. >> your dog is cooper, the beag beagle. >> exactly. he howls at fire trucks. >> he does not. >> not such a big fan of water. but -- >> barkley loves the bath. you'll know that if you get on my facebook page. >> there's another bella on there, jamie's matched up to the other bella. >> we should take a look at this. this is bucky the pug. this is jackie's dog. >> yes. >> bucky is a superstar as well. in fact, bucky was sold -- somebody had a box of pugs and that's where bucky cam from. turned out to be a superstar pug. >> have you ever seen puggles?
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world news now delivers your "morning patients." >> time for your "morning papers." we start with breaking news. this is really eartrtshattering and completely surprising. turns out as this study says, chicks dig guys who drive flashy cars. >> ah-ha. >> more than, say, the geo. women really prefer a guy who drives a porsche. men who wear expensive clothes and drive flashy cars are more successful at having flings and staying single as their more financially strapped counterparts. >> i had an abstinence-mobile when i was in school. >> a story out of the "san francisco chronicle." some treasure hunters searching for a 17th century sunken
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spanish galleon came across a $500,000 ring. 10 carats. awesome stuff. >> you know what you'llry like that makes me want to do? >> break out the polka. >> makes me want to polka. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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this morning on "world news now," "whitey" wlunlger busted. the dramatic take-down and the television ad that helped fbi agents crack the cold case. >> the investigators' unique tactic and how it led them to one of the fbi's most wanted. it's friday, june 24th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good friday morning to you. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm daniel sieberg in for rob nelson. "whitey" bulger has been wanted in connection with a long list of murders for many years. you'll see how agents uncovered this notorious boston mob boss' alias and tracked him down to his southern california apartment using some rather unique tactics. and you can see here they're bringing evidence out of this
3:01 am
apartment there in santa monica. >> a lot of it. >> yeah. and just a fascinating case. of course they've been pursuing him for so long. really you could say he was hiding in plaisight. >> that's right. what a record too. as you kind of look through the history of this guy. definitely a career criminal. also coming up this half hour, all of the uproar in court as a los angeles judge cracks down yet again on lindsay lohan. we've been asking you on our facebook page what you think about her future. some people sort of roll their eyes, sort of sick of this whole thing with lilo. the reality is she's really got an addiction problem. it's a very serious problem. >> she did seem to think about her fashion choice this time. >> it's so sad to think she'll sell out right away. that's not the point. it's not a fashion show. later on we're previewing two big summer movies including the long-awaited sequel to the animated "cars" picture. and cameron diaz's new movie called "bad teacher." we're each going to pick one of these. we should say "cars" made by
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pixar, sister company also owned by disney, along with abc. >> right. all the disclaimers there, well done. i for one never had a teacher that l lked like that. that's just me. >> no, i definitely didn't. i would have gone to school a lot more frequently. first we're getting a fresh look this morning at notorious crime boss "whitey" bulger. a new booking photo shows bulger as a bearded, balding, rather grim-faced man. >> the mobster and his girlfriend could be back in boston soon to face a judge. t.j. winick has details on take-down. >> reporter: good morning peggy and daniel. it is expected that "whitey" bulger will be extra dadited ba to boston in the negotiation 48 hours. for 16 years "whitey" bulger stayed one step ahead of authorities. even wednesday night after he was finally arrested at this apartment complex in santa monica, calilirnia, a bearded bulger smiled into the camera. >> today marks the moment of when james "whitey" bulger will finally face just justice for a
3:03 am
number of his crimes. >> reporter: the former boston mob boss and long-time girlfriend catherine grieg made their first court appearance thursday. bulger laughing as he looked at the gathered media. >> he e s waived identity, he has waived all those processes which he is entitled to in federal court in los angeles, and he was ordered by the court to be transferred to boston forthwith. >> reporter: it turnth out the now 81-year-r-d, along with grieg, lived in this apartment for at least ten years under the aliases charles and carol gasko. thursday, the fbi carried out boxes of evidence, including 60 weapons and $800,000 in cash. >> it looked like any older version of all the pictures that were on tv. >> reporter: just this past monday authorities announced a new strategy in their search for bulger focusing instead on his companion. >> the fbi is offering $100,000 for tips leading to catherine grieg's whereabouts. >> reporter: in the wake of their new campaign the fbi got what seemed like a promising tip. they put that apartment complex
3:04 am
under surveillance. they got their man. >> this is a legendary story about "whitey" bulgegeand we're just pleased that we can bring it to this conclusion. >> reporter: bringing an end to one of the most intense and longest fbi manhunts ever. there was a $2 million reward for a tip leading to bulger's arrest, presumably someone will be collecting that though authorities are not saying who. peggy and daniel? two men are accused of plotting to attack a military recruiting station in seattle. the pair was arrested wednesday night. fbi agents say this were apprehended when they arrived at a warehouse garage to pick up machine guns to use in the terror attack. they say the men were inspired by the deadly shooting at ft. hood, texas, where a lone gunman killed 13 people. negotiations aimed at raising the national debt ceiling have come to a screeching halt. >> two top republicans have pulled out of the talks saying that they have reached an impasse. karen traverse has the very latest from washington this morning. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning,
3:05 am
peggy. good morning, daniel. the clock is ticking toward that important august 2nd deadline to raise the nation's debt ceiling. yesterday, there was a critical setback on capitol hill, making a deal unlikely. after seven weeks, nearly a dozen meetings, and seemingly little progress, the bipartisan debt negotiations have broken down. house majority leader rick cantor and senator jon kyl pulled out of the talks. >> i think those talks could continue if they're willing to take the tax hikes off the table. >> yes, we do want to remove tax subsidies for big oil. we want to remove tax breaks for corporations that send jobs overseas. that list goes on. i don't know that that's a reason to walk away from the table. >> reporter: the group had zeroed in on about $1 trillion in cuts. but republicans insisted that at least $2.5 trillion in cuts would be needed to get them on board. and that's where they hit the logjam. republicans dug in their heels on tax increases.
3:06 am
the decision was prompted by sa bly disruptions in libya and worries about a surge in gas prices. >> spr stands for strategic petroleum reserve. but it also stands for sudden price reduction. >> reporter: republicans cried foul. saying the president was taking an emergency tool meant for emergencies to deal with his own domestic political problems. a central florida man is facing arson charges after an explosive fight with his girlfriend. guy falkes was working at a fireworks tent in orlando. police say he began to light the fireworks when he was selling, even directed them at other employees, and placed one in a gas tank. lindsay lohan is still under house arrest this morning.
3:07 am
she's not back in jail. she has new rules to abide by following a hearing into whether she had violated h h probation. as kabc reports the judge cracked down on lohan's behavior. >> reporter: another court appearance for lindsay lohan. and the judge had to decide what to do after lohan failed an alcohol test. >> i just want to say, she's done nothing wrong. she's done everything right. >> reporter: the probation department disagreed. this all started after lohan held a rooftop party at her venice home on june 12th while under house arrest. the probation report says tests the next day showed lohan positive for alcohol use. it recommended she be sent to jail. >> it's not a violation of her probation. it's not a violation of her probation. >> reporter: lohan's attorney says the beverly hills judge who originally signed the order asked for controlled substance testing and it was in effect only until february 25th. >> she was not to be tested at all after february 25th. but during the time period she was to be tested it was simply for controlled substances.
3:08 am
not for alcohol. >> reporter: so even though she did not violate her probation the judge told lohan, what you're guilty of is extremely poor judgment. house arrest i i akin to jail. regarding having a party, the judge said, how dumb is that? she warned lohan, no more parties and she can only have one friend over at a time. >> i never heard of a judge saying that. >> reporter: attorney bradley boyer says the judges words were quite strong. >> i think the judge is trying to give her a little tough love and making sure she understands the situation she's in. again, she has the opportunity to move forward and change her life if she wants to. >> reporter: after court, lohan tweeted a quick message. thank you to all of my fans for your support, sending you love and light. >> the big talk on our fan page as well, we asked what you thbt lohan's future. a lot of people followed the ups and downs of her addiction. we talk about a lot of folks who struggle with addiction. they say sometimes it takes several attempts to get sober. >> it does.
3:09 am
absolutely. it's odd though though think of a day when lindsay lohan is not showing up in court, when she's talking about a movie or something. when she gets her career back on track. because she was so talented at such a young age. >> it's sort of sad too to think about having a party. i sort of agree with the judge there. prprably not the best judgment. >> yeah, absolutely. you can continue to comment on our facebook page. let's take a look at your friday forecast. we have some heavy rain, hail, also gusty winds from raleigh to upstate new york. showers in new england and the ohio valley. severe storms with a chance of tornados from cheyenne to nashville. showers and thunderstorms in the pacific northwest. popup showers along the gulf coast. >> 90s from dallas to atlanta. 78 here in new york. 62 in boston. minneapolis 80. detroit 70. a wet 64 in seattle. and 85 in salt lake city. today is bring your dog to work day. we've been celebrating that a lot. we had to show you this cutie. take a look at this. a 5-week-old puppy in stockton, california has had quite an adventure. >> he looks pretty good now. he did get himself stuck in an
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uncovered sewer pipe this week. the fire department and public works couldn't reach him. >> experts from roto rooter came to the rescue. they come to my rescue once or twice. >> sometimes you need their help. >> they did get the dog out of the pipe. one hero said it was better than snaking out somebody's toilet. i can imagine thahas true. the puppy needed a very good bath because he stunk like a sewer. >> poor guy. we'll have more "world news now" right after this. all systems prepare to engage. captain, unidentified object -- detergent chamber. that's a cascade complete pac. the best of cascade powder and gel combined in one vessel. brilliant. we're gonna need it. lasagna pan lower rack! fire! [ female announcer ] conquer tough foods and greasy messes. [ mom ] wow!
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[ crew ] yeah!!! [ female announcer ] cascade complete pacs. love it or your money back.
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as we head into the weekend it's time to take a look back at the sights and sounds that made big headlines this week. >> take presidential politics, throw in a high-profile murder trial, add a dash of controversial news and you have yourself the "week in quotes." >> we're starting this drawdown from a position of strength. al qaeda is under more pressure than at any time since 9/11. and thanks to our intelligence professionals and special
3:15 am
forces, we killed osama bin laden. >> there are concerns among the american people who are tired of a decade of war. >> since 2009 when the surge began, we have had success on the ground in afghanistan. >> i do not see improvement. i saw a corrupt leadership. and i saw nothing coming of it. >> we pursued mr. bulger and miss grieg across the face of the earth. >> casey was raised to lie. >> it's a very big risk by putting her on the stand. if the jury says, we're just hearing another lie. >> i do not feel defeated at all by their ruling today. disappointed, yes. defeated, no. >> the supreme court raised the bar extraordinarily high now for women and others who face discrimination in the workplace. >> with these warnings, every
3:16 am
person who picks up a pack of cigarettes is going to know exactly what risks they're taking. >> and today, i'm a candidate for the office of president of the unitit states of america. >> i felt like i got over the masters prettyquickly. you know, i kept telling you guys that. i don't know if you believed me or not. >> if everyone ever tells you that you shouldn't or you can't, and i want you to say, yes, we can. what do you say? yes, we can. >> that was more like a quote quiche. i said souffle. >t was a quote quiche i would say. i still love the rory mcilroy. >> wee charming irish fellow. looking ahead to the week, michelle bachmann formally announces her candidacy for president her hometown of waterloo, iowa, on monday. >> also the duke and duchess, will and kate, duke and duchess of cambridge, are going to begin
3:17 am
their tour of canada. then of course they'll be making their way down to california. exciting. >> it's going to be a busy week ahead. coming up, the first lady defies all predictions as she tours africa. >> inside information about her trip and
3:18 am
first lady michelle obama has a few days left on her week-long trip in south africa. and so far, it's been a great trip for mrs. obama and her daughters. really historical trip for them. >> even read some dr. seuss at one point. in the middle of her good will tour she revealed some inside information to abc's david muir. >> reporter: mrs. obama came here with a message for the young. that even after apartheid there's still horton made. patience, she says, pointing to the man she met for the first time this week. >> nelson mandela. >> yeah. >> what was it like in that
3:19 am
room? >> surreal. something i never thought would happen in my lifetime for me. it was powerful. because his presence in and of itself is powerful. >> what did you say to him? >> i told him, you cannot imagine how important your legacy is to who i am, to who my husband is. i just said, thank you. thank you. thank you. >> reporter: for 10-year-old sasha and 12-year-old malia, a portrait most children see only in a book. you have so protected your daughters from the media glare. admirably so. but when they read "the cat in the hat," there were were there not only children smiling there but so many people back home. listening to their voices carefully. >> to wet to go out and too cold to play ball, so we sat in the house, we did nothing at all. >> no, no, make that cat go away. tell the cat in the hat you do not want to play. >> i look at them in the same
3:20 am
way and think, wow, you guys have grown up. and you're so poised. and you're so sweet. so there's that motherly side of me. but it's still always a balance between protecting them but giving them experiences. to travel. >> all of the children here, when you walk into a room, their faces light up. back home, we see the same thing. all of your work with children. i'm curious, politics aside, if i could ask you personally if you would like another four years to continue your work as first lady. >> i think there's so much more work to do. we've really just begun to lay the foundation. i want to make sure that there's a footing in them the same way that my husband does. so more time would be helpful. >> so you like the job? >> i love the job. i do. >> reporter: she wants four more years. and the students here, they want more time with her. you said the president has made you better? >> yes.
3:21 am
>> and you said, let's just for the record say -- >> i haven't told him that. so now it's on record. >> that you've made him better? >> whenever i'm mad at him. yes, i think, of course i've made him better. >> i heard it. that's on record too. all of it on the recordrd even the romance advice for the daughters. we did ask the first lady about the political climate back home. she said she's well aware of it and that the campaign trail is not too far off but in a sign of at least her endurance, a late image out of south africa last night in capetown, the first lady doing pushups right beside archbishop desmond tutu, another figure in the fight for racial equality in this country. the big difference in this image, he's going to turn 80 in the fall. it was quite something. david muir, abc news, capetown, south africa. >> and actually have that video of bishop desmond tutu doing push-ups with the first lady. 79 years old. not the first lady. >> not a day over 21, he looks great. >> she pumps some iron. she stays very fit. that's also her platform.
3:22 am
stay fit, keep the kids fit. >> that's her message. >> living the message. coming up, "insomniac theater" previews two big weekend movies. burn pill and some antacids. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pill now? aghh i've got heartburn in my head. [ male announcer ] stop the madness. take prilosec otc for frequent heartburn. one pill a day. twenty-four hours. zero heartburn. no heartburn in the first place. great. [ male annnnncer ] use as directed for 14 days. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too.
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did you get the popcorn? >> i did not get the popcorn. that sounds pretty good right about now. >> next time. it's time for "insomniac theaear." is week's reviews, some cartoon cars are taking on a foul-mouthed teacher. >> we're talking about "bad cameron diaz ca. >> no, it's the first day of school. >> i'm not going to go to that. >> but it's mandatory. >> ooh! >> amy squirrel. >> squirrel? >> yeah. you know. don't worry. you were kind of a lone wolf last year. and so busy planning the
3:26 am
wedding. >> i found him in beded with somebody else. >> oh my gosh. >> it was another man. >> shut the front door! >> my favorite curse word as most people know. it's not really a curse word but sounds like one. cameron diaz's big highlight movie, check it out. also phyllis smith, you'll recognize her from "the office," she's fantastic, apparently she sort of steals the show according to some early reviews. we'll be getting a review on monday. >> on monday. >> about "bad teacher." >> extend your favorite education metaphor, needss improvement, subpar grades. >> a lot of people go just to look at cameron diaz, which is understandable. >> i don't have any idea why people do that. let's move on now to "cars" from pixar. we should say that is a sister company of abc news, both owned by disney. this, the cars of radiator springs come back. this time there's actually a spy thriller plot, secret weapons, some sinister villains, and listen now to tow-mator voiced
3:27 am
by larry the cable guy as he figures out his disguise. >> it's voice activated. but, you know, everything's voice activated these days. >> what? i thought you was supposedo be making me a disguise. >> disguise program initiated. >> cool! make me a german trunk. check it out. i'm wearing lederhosen. make me a monster truck. i vant to siphon your gas! >> lightning mcqueen and all his pals get together again. the views have been pretty decent. e-online give it a "b." the kids are going t t love it, it's great for families, got kind of a nice message to it. undoubtedly no matter what we say or the critics say it's going to go on to make a jillio. no dollars. >> theseseovies are good because they have lines there for the parents too. they understand the parents have to take the kids to the movie. >> my nephews are obsessed with
3:28 am
"cars." >> my nephews are obsessed with "cars." they will be lining up, they ♪ [male announcer] for america's wounded warriors, sometimes coming home can be a battle in itself. [crowd cheers] the uso provides every american a way y to support our wounded warriors and tir families. join us. vivisit to learn how y you can make a difference in their lives. what? it's good to be back. the uso. until every one comes home.
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," terror plot. the fbi uncovers a frightening scheme to attack a military building in seattle. >> agents say that the suspects wanted to kill as many people as possible and they were planning to do it very soon. it's friday, june 24th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, i'm daniel sieberg. rob nelson is on assignment. >> i'm peggy bunker. this plot is sending shock waves through the pacific northwest as we learn more about the alleged ringleader behind this terror plot and also how the attacks would have been carried out. >> fortunately thwarted of course as we were saying. the date for when this was scheduled to take place, very, very soon. we'll tell you exactly when it was supposed to happen. >> unbelievable. also ahead, the first lady's attention-getting tour of south
3:31 am
africa. we've been talking about it here all week. and what led her to this round of push-ups on stage with the legendary bishop desmond tutu, who is by the way 79 years young. >> that's pretty impressive. >> they were both keeping up with each other there. >> i think it was a little bit of competition there. we all know mrs. obama -- >> she's got the guns. >> she's got the guns, there you go. later this half hour, proper people watching in britain. >> ugh! >> watching the wimbledon tennis -- >> ugh! >> asked why some of the players have to make so much noise on the court. >> ugh! >> it's distracting. >> ugh! >> some of those grunts reach 105 decibels. >> ugh! >> come on, now. >> sorry, just trying to get my computer to work. a ft. hood-style terror plot has been foiled in seattle. police say the plot involved a military recruiting center which also houses a day care center. >> investigators say they were alerted to the plot by someone who had been recruited to take part.
3:32 am
brian ross has the details. >> reporter: the fbi says the target was the military entrance prorossing center in seattle. the two men reportedly sought to determine how they could kill the most military personnel and escape or die as martyrs. they discussed using fragmentation grenades in the facility's crowded cafeteria as a way to maximize casualties. >> they intended a really deadly attack against our military institution. i think it's a sad commentary. our military puts itself on the line and risks their lives abroad. they should be safe at home. >> the fbi says both men now under arrest are recent converts to islam, including the alleged ringleader, 33-year-old abu khalid abdul-latif, formerly known as joseph davis. davis has posted a number of videos of himself on youtube praising the radical american cleric anwar al awlaki, considered to be an al qaeda recruiter. davis has a long criminal record and reportedly converted to
3:33 am
islam while in prison in washington state. this is the eighth time in two years there have been planned attacks or actual attacks on domestic u.s. military facilities. brian ross, abc news, washington. terrorism investigators say they found a link to osama bin laden's network of contacts. they say they have the cell phone that belongs to bin laden's trusted courier and found it after the raid on bin laden's compound. senior american officials say it has contact information to a militant group considered an asset to pakistan's intelligence agency. the finding should help uncover who helped hide bin laden for years. and google searches were front and center at the casey anthony murder trial. anthony's accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee three years ago in orlando. her mother sururised prosecutors by testifying she had done searches about chloroform, a chemical that could be used to knock somebody unconscious. but she made an important distinction. >> i don't recall typing in "how to make chloroform." i recall typing in the word "chloroform." yes, i did not search for
3:34 am
"self-defense." >> household weapons? >> i did not search for "household weapons." >> cindy anthony also said her search for chloroform while looking up informationonbout chlorophyll, which is a green pigment found in plants. mob boss "whitey" bulger and his girlfriend could be back in boston to face charges later today. their arrest came after a long and nearly fruitless search by the fbi. pierre thomas reports now on their dramatic take-down. >> reporter: the fbi's manhunt was both national and international. and it was futile. with possible sightings in mexico, canada, even europe. in 2007 the fbi obtained this video of a man who resembled bulger strolling in italy. they were never certain it was him. >> we pursued mr. bulger and miss grieg literally across the face of the earth. >> reporter: at one point the fbi was so desperate for tips, they released this s dio of his voice. >> how are you doing? did he order any sandwiches? >> reporter: over time the case grew cold. the turning point was when they sided to target his girlfriend.
3:35 am
katherine xwrooeg had breast implants and plastic surgery. in recent months they advertised in "plastic surgery news" and she was constantly in beauty shops. they came up with a plan to target women who may have seen her. this week they launched a nationwide ad campaign on daytime television. >> she is wanted for harboring james "whitey" bulger. >> reporter: that led to an immediate tip that took the couple down. ironically in the movie "the departed," the mob boss based on bulger warned that women are a fatal liability. >> it's what brings you down, this business. >> reporter: pierre thomas, abc news, washington. while new yorkrktate lawmakers considered a same-sex marriage bill, president obama held his first fund-raiser specifically for gay supporters. the president told him that he believes gay couples deserve the same legal rights as every other couple in the country. he stopped short of endorsing gay marriage outright. those state lawmakers never voted on that bill but it could happen today. first lady michelle obama visits botswana today after wrapping up her historic tour of
3:36 am
south africa. she's meeting with the president of botswana and continuing to reach it to the youth. abc's dana hughes is traveling with the first lady. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama didn't seem to mind spending her last day in south africa taking tough questions from high school students. like most teenagers the students seemed more interested in the love story between the first lady and the president than in politics. >> how did i meet my husband? >> yes. >> there are a lot of people sitting up now. hm! >> reporter: her candid answers of such personal questions didn't disappoint. >> barack made me better. and hopefully he would say i made him better too. let's just say that. i made him better. >> reporter: in between the laughs, mrs. obama doled out some serious advice. >> because you can have all the money in the world, all the titles. if you're just not good, you
3:37 am
don't treat others well, if you're not ready to invest in something bigger than yourself, if you're selfish, you're never successful. >> reporter: throughout her week-lonontour, the first lady's most relaxed and playful moments have been in the company of young people. before leaving south africa, the first lady also got in some exercise. with a very special workout partner. 79-year-old archbishop desmond tutu, the anti-apartheid activist showing he still has some fight as he and mrs. obama did push-ups together. dana hughes, abc news, hannesburg. >> not bad. >> about four, five push-ups there. and she looked great. >> yeah, she did. they love their football, obviously. soccer, sorry. in south africa. >> sorry. >> home of the last world cup. saw them kicking the ball around. >> it's also amazing to see her -- desmond tutu, 79 years old. >> yeah. >> doing a great job. >> a great tour for her there. taking a look at your weather for the day we have some strong storms and flash flooding coming up along the east coast
3:38 am
from the carolinas to albany, new york. severe weather also sweeps in from south dakota to tennessee. showers and thunderstorms in seattle, portland, and also the northern rockies. showers from san antonio to miami. >> new orleans, atlanta, and baltimore hover around the 90 degree mark. just 68 in chicago. 78 in fargo. and 81 in kansas city. phoenix hits 109. and albuquerque 98. you could call it a case of back to back double vision at last night's nba draft. it all went down about midway through the first round. >> that was when the phoenix suns chose marquise morris from the university of kansas. his twin brother didn't have long to wait until he also went pro. with the very next pick the houston rockets chose marcus morris, also from the university of kansas. ironically the draft experts had predicted they would go in the opposite order. easy to get them mixed up, though. >> that's so exciting for some of these young athletes. you can tell sort of in high school that they're going to hit the nba. >> the big-time. >> really cool in that moment. >> exactly, absolutely. >> we'll be right back with more
3:39 am
"world news now" after this.
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♪ babyyou got the cutest little baby face ♪ you got the cutest e baby face ♪ we're talking about babies. >> i'm not going to say we have the most modern music selection here on "world news now." >> but very clever. >> clever and creative.
3:43 am
>> yes. >> so props to the music folks. we're getting a brand-new look at the makeup of our country this morning. it's all coming from a very strange place, we're talking about the maternity ward. >> for the first time in history more than half of the american children under the age of 2 are minorities. here's ron claiborne with what this means for generations to come. >> reporter: 20 years ago this was the look of a gerber's baby food commercial. and this is the 2011 version. >> say hello to the gerber generation. >> reporter: one that more accurately reflects what young americans really look like today. this is baby yuretsi born wednesday at st. barnabus hospital in new york city. this is the face of america's future. and america's present. according to projections of census figures, for the first time there are more nonwhite children -- latino, african-american, asian-american -- born in the u.s. than white children. >> the idea that where we had a white middle-class population, that we talk about in the 1950s and 1960s, that's disappearing.
3:44 am
that we talk about in the 1950s and 1960s, that's disappearing. we have a population that is changing the race ethnic makeup from the bottom up. >> reporter: the trim lines are clear. older americans, whiter. younger americans, more nonwhite. most of that trend is being driven by a surging latino population. with a much higher birth rate than any other ethnic group. further bolstered by legal immigration. the implications of this evolving america will touch everything from politics, where hispanic voters will wield increasing power, to education. >> we e ed to focus on making sure that we can adjust and adapt our educational systems to people who speak different languages at home than they do outside. for people whose parents may not have as high an education as maybe some of their peers in the community. >> reporter: within the ranks of nonwhite americans, some notable changes too. latinos continuing to surpass the black population. and among african-americans, an alarming increase in the percentage of children growing up in single-parent households.
3:45 am
the america in which this baby grows up will be different than her parents'. sometime before she turns 40 she will be part of a new nonwhite majority in this country. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> researchers say these numbers provide the clearest confirmation yet of this changing social order in which racial and ethnic minorities will become the u.s. majority by mid-century. this all comes in light of these recent anti-immigration bills, very controversial, being proposed in n me parts of the country. the gay marriage rights being discscsed everywhere. you have to factor in all sorts of things within the context of this. >> and historically america's really been a melting pot. as you were saying, for the first time the numbers are really different. in fact, if you look at all children in the country under the age of 3, the most recent census says that more of them are nonhispanic whites. used to be 60% were white children. >> in 1990. >> now it's less than 50%. definitely a shift. big shift. >> changing the fabric of the
3:46 am
entire country. coming up, the major chaos surrounding justin bieber. >> bieber fever! >> and it was not his fans in the middle of the trouble. >> when bieber comes to town things get crazy. >> you want to look out. >> look out. the "project runway" star who's putting extra skin into "the skinny." she has like four kids. it's just nauseating. she looks so good.
3:47 am
3:48 am
yes, it is time now for "the skinny." we start with a story about a fellow canadian heartthrob. and that would of course be justin bieber. the sieb and the bieb. >> do you have a justin bieber poster at home? >> no. fofounately no, don't be afraid. >> come on. >> in any case, justin bieber was in new york. and i happened to be nearby. this is bizarre. >> happened to be nearby? >> i'm telling you. he was at this macy's store. and i heard this hysterical screaming going on. >> was it you? >> i didn't know he was there. i really didn't know he was there. i heard these girls screaming and all sorts of chaos. anyw
3:49 am
anyway. evidently what happened is an undercover police officer, a plainclothes cop, jumped in to try to protect him from these crazy fans. he ended up getting pulled out by this -- by one of the bieber bodyguards. so they got into a bit of a scuffle. and anyway, it wasn't really the fans who ended up causing the problem, it was these two overzealous security guards or police officers. >> right. >> trying to protect the bieb. >> i think it's so interesting that you witness this whole thing but you weren't there, you happened upon the bieber fever. >> i was about a block away. >> right. >> i was on my way to something else. >> you have such inside scoop on the whole deal, daniel. fess up, he's into the biebs, he's got the fever. the madonna fever. is going to hit the comic book world. >> i've got madonna fever. >> most people do. maybe you do, maybe you don't. i'm not so sure. she has a whole new "material girl" comic book. take a look at this, this is the front cover. this is going to be released. you too can own it for a mere $3.99. it covers the whole way she went
3:50 am
from a no-name singer, kind of chubby, had the earrings and the into what we know as this phenom she's got the guns to rival michelle obama. >> she really does. >> she's extremely fit. >> incredible. >> in great shape. look for the madonna-themed comic book. >> speaking of books, lots of big fans out there of the harry potter books. all you muggles. so j.k. rowling has been talking about this pottermore, teasing it for a while now. finally she unveiled what it's all about. very interesting what's going on here. she's going to be finally offering all seven of the harry potter books as e-books. >> stop! >> she's held out for many years saying she just wanted them to be the sort of traditional book you get in a bookstore. bookstore owners very disappointed in this. this was one thing they were happy about, they could have those actual books in their store. you couldn't get them as e-books. she's circumventing amazon. she's going to do it all herself. she's going to have all sorts of other online content. social networking computer games. 18,000 words of more harry
3:51 am
potter sort of stuff that she's putting out. >> she's multi-dimensional. and you corrected me. i called her j.k. rowling too. >> i called her rowling, i should know better. >> you say it's rowling. j.k. rowling. which is new to me. but i'm not the potter person. >> rowling. >> yeah. okay. heidi klum, everybody knows heidi klum, she's married to superstar seal, she's a superstar model, mega star herself. she's got four kids and she's got the flattest stomach in the world, sort of nauseating. take a look at her new campaign. she's posing nude to promote the next series of "project runway" on bravo. she says she took it all off because she wantnt to do something a little bit sexier than the previous campaigns that they've done for the show. it will be premiering on july 29th on lifetime. because they had that whole thing kind of go wrong. with bravo. they're going to be on lifetime. there's going to be guest judges. kim kardrdhian's going to be a guest judge. so very interesting. >> yeah. >> remember how she had the baby, then she did that victoria's secret fashion show like ten minutes later? >> she's got a whole line of maternity wear.
3:52 am
she's very successful with all her stuff. >> she still looks fabulous. [ horn honks ] now we're hitting the road with the proglide challenge.
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with fusion proglide. i'm a believer. he is a believer! yeah! [ male announcer ] gillette fusion proglide. here are some stories to watch today on abc news. the rapidly rising souris river could overflow this weekend and city leaders in minot, north dakota, say they've done all they can to protect critical infrastructure. minot is experiencing its worst flood since the 1800s. a landslide in the nagano resort area of japan h h left more than 1,000 people stranded today. crews are busy clearing that debris. the landslide knocked out power and phone service. and members of the house could vote today on resolutions that would limit spending on military operations in libya. the u.s. has been supplying drones to nato to fly over libya. are you a tennis player? >> i'm a bad tennis player but i do play, i give it my best shot. >> the prim and proper crowds at wimbledon's all england club
3:56 am
have their doilies in a bunch this year. seems it's a little too loud for them. >> they're very proper at wimbledon. >> dress in white. >> that's right, you have to wear your white. the roar of the crowd is being overshadowed by the grunts on the court. now they are trying to silence them. here's john berman with the story. >> reporter: don't worry if you can't get to england to see wimbledon. you can probably hear it all the way in cleveland. yes, this is a tennis tournament. ev i if it sounds like "braveheart." wimbledon. "braveheart." wimbledon. "braveheart." in the first round this year, victoria azarenka hit 95 decibels. a couple of years ago, maria sharapova hit 105. for the record, a blblder is 98 decibels. azarenka says it helps her put more power in her shots. the relatively quiet tennis great martina navratilova doubts that. >> they're making noises like they're lifting 200 kilos, 300 pounds. that's not the case, the ball is not that heavy.
3:57 am
>> reporter: the symphony of screeching is an annual controversy in england. with all the decorum and stiff upper lip stuff. the ceo of the all england lawn and tennis club has said he would prefer to see less grunting. he worries it's a distraction for the players and a turn-off for the fans. some have even suggested an all-out grunting ban. come on, seriously, folks. it's not like anyone's ears are suffering permanent damage here. these are professional athletes playing how they play. and really, who are the british to complain about bad sounds when they're responsible for spandeau ballet and wang chung? ♪ everybody have fun tonight >> reporter: it should also be noted no brit has won wimbledon since 1977. now, that is something to grunt about. john berman, abc news. >> talking about this, we were saying monica seles used to be the worst, maria sharapova edged her way in. >> jimmy conners on the men's side, andre agassi. a study in canada said grunting might give players a competitive
3:58 am
a study in canada said grunting might give players a competitive edge. [voice of alicia keys] over 1000 babieses are born every day wi hiv. and half will die before their second birthday. but the plaitruth is this can l be prevented. we can reach the goal of no child born with hiv by 2015. go to one dot org. tother we can stop the spread of hiv frorom mother to child. we're not asking for your money.. we're asking for your voice. go to one dot org and join us today.
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